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A Better Alternative to Crutches: Knee Walker Central

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Let’s face it: the thought of battling with crutches is enough to make you want to consign yourself to bed rest for the entirety of your recovery period. Sure, you may need to go to the bathroom or return to work – but the thought of struggling with two awkward pieces of wood isn’t exactly thrilling.

In fact, it makes you frustrated that you’ll have to be so uncomfortable and downright cumbersome during your foot or ankle recovery period.

If you’re facing a temporary future with crutches, you’ll practically stand up and cheer (hey, you DO have a foot injury) when you discover that there’s a better alternative to crutches. Here at Knee Walker Central, we’re delighted to specialize in that alternative: knee walkers.

Also known as knee scooters, these handy devices are meant to help you move around during your foot or ankle recovery period without looking like you’re on arm stilts. Knee walkers look like ordinary walkers with one difference: they contain an elevated cushion where you can rest the leg with your injured foot or ankle. You propel yourself forward with your other leg, which means you won’t place undue stress on your armpits or risk bumping your injured foot.

In fact, we like to describe it as an advanced bike that will actually make moving around enjoyable again!

The truth is, crutches are like a medieval torture device. You have to deal with the armpit blisters (those two words should never be combined, EVER). You have to learn how to walk without looking like a clown. And as for opening doors and moving around spaces that are free from clutter? Forget about it. Unless you actually like the feeling of having overly worked arm muscles, knee walkers represent a much better alternative to crutches.

Crutches also increase the chances that you’ll end up accidentally hurting your foot or ankle. Knee walkers minimize these chances with unique designs that isolate the foot or ankle. Plus, you won’t have to place all of your weight on your arms and your good foot, which can be very uncomfortable for many people.

In short, knee walkers are the best alternative to crutches imaginable. Here at Knee Walker Central, you’ll find a wide range of high-quality knee walkers that fit your specific recovery needs. We provide fast, free shipping and can even verify your insurance benefits.

Ditch the crutches. Contact Knee Walker Central today for a better mobility experience during your foot or ankle recovery.

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