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Are You A Member Of The “I Hate Crutches” Club?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Us too.

The “I Hate Crutches” Club has one of the highest online memberships around (well, in our head anyway). But seriously, who actually likes using crutches? Who likes wobbling around on two glorified wooden sticks, which are slowly and devilishly building up a firm layer of armpit blisters under your arms?

Yeah, that’s right.

So as part of opening the “I Hate Crutches” Club, here are just a few reasons why members have joined:

  1. “I hate that I feel sore everywhere. Seriously, I have calluses on my hands and my arms are practically screaming in pain.”

  2. “I miss being able to wake up at night and just go to the bathroom without making it a massive production.”

  3. “My crutches always fall down no matter where I put them. And it’s really embarrassing when it happens – especially when you’re trying to rock a first date (Ed note: yikes]”

  4. “Crutches make me really reliable on strangers, and I’m not really comfortable with that. I always have to ask people to open doors or carry things for me. Going on the subway is tough too, as people very rarely give up their seats for me, and I feel too embarrassed to ask.”

  5. “I feel like this is a medieval torture device. How is this still being used in today’s modern society? We’ve invented invisible braces, for cryin’ out loud!”

If you recognize yourself among these poor souls, then it’s time to ditch the crutches and pick up a knee walker. A knee walker (otherwise known as a knee scooter) is a great alternative to crutches; you simply need to rest the knee of your injured foot on the knee pad, and propel yourself forward with your good leg.

Oh, and look supremely cool. That’s another important part of rocking a knee walker.

You hate crutches – so why are you still using them? Find out more about knee walkers, and stop dealing with the spine-chilling curse of armpit blisters.

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