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Best Non-Weight Bearing Gifts For Your Injured Loved One

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A loved one is recovering from an injured foot or ankle – and they’re feeling a bit down on themselves.  After all, if you had to spend your days on the couch or limping around the house, then you’d probably feel less-than-stellar as well.

Whether it’s your best friend or your family member, you want to give them a gift that will lift their spirits and remind them that recovery can actually be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.  These non-weight bearing gifts also make an excellent present for a birthday or holiday, so if a special day is coming up, you may want to consider giving any of these as a non-weight bearing gift:

A Reclining Lounge Chair:  Let’s face it – sitting down and relaxing on the couch can still be a challenge with a massive ankle cast attached to your loved one’s foot.  Therefore, you may want to consider giving the gift of a reclining lounge chair, specifically the HOMCOM New Green Zero Gravity Chair, which is a folding recliner patio and pool lounging chair that can be used outdoors.  Now your loved one won’t feel lift out during the next family barbeque or pool party.  Get your hands on this inexpensive non-weight bearing gift at Amazon.

A Back and Shoulder Massage: A gift certificate to a spa is a great gift for a loved one who’s suffering from a broken ankle or foot.  A back and shoulder massage is also perfect, as it isolates the leg and ankle.  For an even better gift, you could offer the back and shoulder massage in conjunction with the reclining lounge chair.

An Afternoon of Errands:  You don’t have to spend a great deal of money on a non-weight bearing gift – in fact, the best gift of all may be just offering to run errands for your injured loved one for the day.  Let your injured loved one know that you’ll be happy to buy them groceries, cook a week’s worth of meals, and drive them back and forth to work.  Your offer will certainly be appreciated!

Check out these non-weight bearing gifts for loved ones, and discover a way to brighten their spirits while they’re recovering from foot or ankle surgery!

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