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How to Shower with a Broken Foot

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

If you thought hobbling around with a broken foot was bad enough, you’ve yet to surmount the biggest challenge of all: learning how to shower with a broken foot (cue orchestra playing a wildly dramatic tune). Sure, you’ve been able to go a day or two after the foot surgery without taking a shower. But you can’t exactly get away with not showering for the duration of your recovery period…

Unless, of course, you want to isolate your family, friends, and loved ones with your interesting body odor!

There’s no getting around it: you need to learn how to shower with a broken foot. Luckily, you don’t have to go through painful trial-and-error to find out: you just have to read this article.

  1. Enlist a family member or a very dear loved one who can help you manage the shower for the first few times after you’ve had the cast slapped on. This can help you get used to the movements necessary for getting in the shower without risking a dangerous fall.

  2. Get yourself plenty of rubber bath mats to lay in the tub as well as on the bathroom floor. You want to minimize every possible risk that could cause you to fall, including those dangerous slippery tiles.

  3. Get a shower stool. This handy device allows you to sit in the middle of the shower and get clean – without putting any weight on your broken foot.

  4. Before you even get into the shower, put on a waterproof cast cover. Another option is a plastic bag that is taped it shut along the leg. You want to ensure that your entire foot cast is wrapped up in the cast cover or bag, which will prevent any water from soaking your foot cast.

  5. Put a non-slip shoe on your good foot while you shower. Sure, it might look like the same type of shoe that your grandma wears to water aerobics, but trust us – it’s worth the mild fashion faux pas.

  6. Clear the bathroom of any clutter that might cause you to trip and fall. We’re talking loose towels, bath mats, magazines – anything that might make your broken foot more of a permanent woe than a temporary injury.

Now that you’ve got your hands on these tips to shower with a broken foot, it’s time to cut your family or roommates a break and hop in the shower – pronto!

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