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Understanding Insurance Reimbursement for Knee Walker

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

There are various forms of health plans, including private insurance that knee walker rentals and knee walker purchase can be reimbursed, if not supplied directly from your insurance company. Individuals need to find out if there are qualified for it. If you want to know, contact your insurance company to ask about their knee walker reimbursement policy or knee walker coverage.

Your debit card payments may be accepted through certain providers if you have HAS or FKEX plans. You can still find out about individual reimbursement opportunities when these payments are not allowed.

When it comes to determining your coverage and specific information you may need to file a claim, you need to understand several things. This article will discuss different insurance and reimbursement options for knee scooters, and also assist you with your request through terminology breakdown.

Consult professionals at Knee Walker Central to know more about specific coverage options for you.

Knee Scooter Insurance Policy

Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN)

The healthcare professional relevant to the service requested will write or sign this document. The document will detail the medical reason for the equipment to your recovery or condition. You will need to combine an LMN with a prescription to obtain reimbursement or coverage when it comes to insurance coverage or reimbursement. Some companies will provide you blank letters of medical necessity so your doctor can fill it on your behalf before submitting it for a claim.


Both the Health Savings Plans and Flexible Spending Plans are used for various health costs as employer provider plans. Traditionally, you can only purchase DME through issued debit cards. If it’s a tremendous amount, you may need to consult the providers before you hand to authorize the charge since not all providers accept these payments. You also need to ask if your knee walker will be reimbursed or received in payment because these coverages and plans differ.

DME Provider

This is a company that supplies Durable Medical Equipment. In some circumstances, DME Providers have exclusive to specific insurance plans. Because of not having initial coverage abilities, these DME providers are considered out-of-network providers when it comes to knee walkers. There are different policies in insurance plans concerning reimbursement through out-of-network and in-network DME providers. As such, you need to call and find out your policy.


You can refer to them as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that administer these two programs, among others. Common to most companies is to use the CMS established codes to base their billing coding systems. As such, the CMS will typically affect insurance coverage with any changes in coverage.

There are some other required documents you will need to submit a claim for your knee walker. Some insurance companies will require a purchase for coverage, while some insurance companies will accept only rentals. If you want the cost to cover or reimburse for a knee walker, you may want to find out from your provider.

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