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4 Helpful Tips to Keep the Rest of Your Body Active While Recovering From Foot Surgery

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

For those that have just undergone foot surgery, it is critical to remain as active as possible. This can go beyond a mere physical desire to heal, but involves emotional needs as well. The fact of the matter is, that despite some of the pains that come from surgery, you just want to break free of crutches and get back to your old self. We are here to tell you, there are other options. A knee walker is a great option to get you up and mobile without aggravating your foot injury, they can give you the independence and mobility that you may be longing for. Of course, you can also take the route of a wheelchair, which will give you some mobility as well, and a little bit of an arm work out too.

You need to take it easy and follow your doctor’s orders. Still, there are several other ways that you can stay in shape without putting your foot at risk. Try some of these options and see what works for you.

Pay extra attention to nutrition.

Because some of your exercise routines will be hindered, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are very important. Proper nutrition plays a huge part not only for regular benefits but also because some foods contain certain nutrients that help injuries heal. These include fresh juices, not from concentrate, and as many as eight servings of whole fruit a day.

Alternatively, stay away from foods that promote inflammation—foods such as potatoes, hot peppers, processed white flour, and foods high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Exercise your mind.

When you’re done with surgery, take your mind off of the burning desire to get active again. Instead, stock up on some movies and books, and relax. If you are determined to somehow keep improving your body during this time, get books that focus on your physical goals, dieting, or other self-improvement topics that are relevant to your goals.

Ride with your arms.

The use of an upper-body ergometer—otherwise known as an arm bike—can come in extremely handy. Many physical therapists are raving about them, particularly for those that can’t use their legs. They provide a stellar cardio workout and are a great way to relieve some of that pent up stress that might still be lingering from the surgery.

Get preoccupied.

Find an upper-body exercise that does not require the use of your foot or leg, for that matter. Pull-ups can be great for this, so long as you keep your injured foot inactive. Some rehabilitation centers will also rig up a rowing exercise that keeps your injured foot safe from harm. Whichever exercise you choose, use your competitive spirit, and challenge yourself. See how many reps you can do and constantly try to one-up yourself. This sort of focus will help you forget about the fact that your leg is hindered at all.

You can also get creative with other exercises. Speak to a trainer or your physical therapist to make sure anything you come up with is safe before trying them out, though. The last thing you want to do is push yourself too hard, re-injuring your foot and enduring the recovery process all over again.

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