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Adventures To Have With Your Scooter For Non-Weight Bearing

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Just because you’re laid up on the couch from your foot or ankle injury doesn’t mean your adventures have to be limited to surfing daytime TV (that’s more like a nightmare, am I right?).

Here at Knee Walker Central, we’re all about encouraging our clients to take their scooter for non-weight bearing out into the world for some safe yet awesome adventures. Ready to put some mileage on your scooter for non-weight bearing? Here’s what you can do:

  • Play knee walker bowling. Push aside all carpets and rugs in your living room or head to your kitchen (the goal here is to find a room with wooden floors). Set up a bunch of plastic bowling pins or empty water bottles. Challenge your kids or friends to beat you in bowling. At random times, fake your friends out by using yourself as the bowling ball. It’s a guaranteed way to get a strike!

  • Head to a busy museum or crowded restaurant that you can never get into. When the employees see you in a scooter for non-weight bearing, they’ll make every effort to make your visit more comfortable. It’s like getting first-class service without having to pay a first-class price.

  • Challenge your family to come up with a dance routine that you can use with your scooter for non-weight bearing. This is a great activity to do if you have energetic kids, so roll up those rugs and start practicing. Bonus points if you can come up with a routine to “Thriller” (and if you do, send us the video. Seriously. We’ll make you famous.)

Get ready to look as cool as this guy…

Dealing with a foot or ankle injury doesn’t mean you have to be a boring lump on the couch for the next three to six months. Just whip out your trusty scooter for non-weight bearing, gulp down a cup of coffee, and get ready to have some seriously memorable adventures.

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