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Avoid Crutches-Related Injuries by Using a Steerable Knee Walker

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

We know what brought you to this article on steerable knee walkers.  Maybe you lost your balance for a few terrifying seconds on your crutches.  Maybe you slipped on your hardwood floors and gave your injured foot a good shock.  Or maybe you even re-injured your ankle and have to stay in a cast for another three months.

Whatever the case, there’s one thing you know for certain: you’re ready to avoid crutches-related injuries by using a steerable knee walker.

Unlike those wobbly toothpicks we generously call “crutches,” a steerable knee walker offers a heck of a lot more stability.  Most knee walker models have large and sturdy back wheels that are complimented by sleek yet stable front wheels, which make for easier turning.  Rather than balancing your entire body weight on a couple of inches of rubber and wood, you’re supported by a strong mobility device that actually works with your body.

Just say no!

Let’s face it: the chances of re-injuring yourself on crutches are really high.  There are even more risk factors that can up your chances of falling or losing your balance, including:

  • Moving around on hardwood floors, carpet, or bumpy surfaces (basically ANY surface)

  • Suffering from arthritis or any other condition that makes it painful to use crutches

  • Suffering from back, neck, and/or muscle conditions

A steerable knee walker, on the other hand, presents a much more sensible solution to your mobility woes.  By completely balancing your weight on the knee of your bad foot and propelling yourself forward with your good leg, you can get around much more quickly without looking like you grew two extra wooden arms.

Knee walkers are also much kinder on the body, especially the back, neck and shoulders.  Because you’re no longer balancing your entire weight on your upper body, you’ll be able to ease any muscle aches in your back, neck and shoulders.

With so many advantages to using steerable knee walkers, it’s honestly a wonder that people still opt for crutches!

If your doctor is attempting to saddle you with crutches, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and insist on a steerable knee walker.  Trust us – your body (and sense of balance!) will thank you later.

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