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Helpful Hints to Get Used To Your Broken Ankle Scooter

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

You’re about to get a broken ankle scooter – and admit it, you’re excited. When you first broke your ankle, you thought you’d be resigned to a few months awkwardly wandering around on wooden crutches. But with your new broken ankle scooter, you won’t even have to worry about losing your balance or dealing with those painful (and disgusting) armpit blisters…

Right? Com

Not exactly. Just like with crutches, you’ll want to take time getting used to your broken ankle scooter. This makes it more comfortable for you to use, as well as minimizes any possibility of injury when you first start using your knee walker.

With this in mind, take a look at a few helpful hints to get used to your broken ankle scooter:

  • Clear plenty of paths throughout the house before the knee walker rental is delivered to your home. You may want to recruit the aid of your friends and family members, as this will likely involve carrying and moving heavy objects.

  • Have a family member or friend test out the knee walker before you actually start using it. You don’t want to discover that your broken ankle scooter is faulty when you’re lugging around a broken ankle and a heavy cast.

  • If you’re taking any medications that interfere with your sense of balance, be sure to ask your doctor how using a broken ankle scooter will impact its use. Don’t skip your medications or taper off without the expressed approval of your doctor.

  • These helpful hints will ensure that you’re making the most of your broken ankle scooter.

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