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How to Climb the Stairs with a Broken Foot

Updated: Mar 2, 2021


Just kidding (well, not really). We know you’re looking for more than a snappy joke to the question, “how to climb the stairs with a broken foot.” And while we can’t pass up the opportunity to flex our funny bone, we know it’s important for you to get the important information you need. After all, climbing stairs with a cast slapped around your foot can be incredibly dangerous for a variety of reasons.

You can either purchase an iWalk 2.0 (which we offer)

Or...follow these quick-fire techniques on how to climb the stairs with a broken foot:

  • Have a family member or really good friend check the railings to ensure that they’re extra supportive. Why the emphasis on “good friend”? It’s probably just because we’re secret fans of soap operas with back-stabbing friends. But seriously, make sure the person knows how to determine if a railing is stable, and what to do if it isn’t (hint: Phillips screwdriver).

  • When it actually comes to climbing the stairs, sit your butt down and get ready to go up the stairs like a toddler would: on your behind. Put your injured leg out in front of you, keep your compactable mobility device by your side, place your hands behind you on the steps, and push off with your hands until your bottom is on the step.

  • When you’re ready to go up the next step, keep repeating this process. To get down the stairs, simply use the same techniques, except use your hands to support your weight as you push off your bottom and sit on the next step.

  • There are dangers that lay around your stairs as well. Have a family member roll up any loose rugs or carpets that could potentially slip out from underneath you.

If you don’t want to deal with learning how to climb the stairs with a broken foot, considering enlisting a friend to bring your bed downstairs. It can be a hassle at first, but it’s worth it when you don’t have to worry about climbing the stairs with a massive foot cast.

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