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Phil’s Experience with a Knee Walker

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

My husband, Phil, is an active biker and adult kick scooter rider who loves being outside on wheels. Unfortunately, on June 2012, the front wheel of Phil’s bike got caught in an asphalt rut, tipping the bike and pinning his ankle in an unnatural position.

Worse, Phil did not like walking with crutches and simply did not. Fortunately, he had a favorite chair, upon which he sat day-after-day, thinking penuriously about his upcoming medical expenses.

As a surprise, I purchased a knee walker for him. It was, indeed, a surprise because if it was up to him, living in misery was better than taking on a new expense because he didn’t want to be a burden. As I didn’t regard him as a burden, I splurged first, and told him later.

In less than a half-hour of receiving his knee walker, Phil scooted down our hallway to our apartment’s elevator, then out the door to our car to go to Weehawken, NJ’s prime kick scooting area along the Hudson River.

Within an hour of receiving the knee scooter, Phil had no trouble navigating around Houlihan’s outside café tables and after dining, he had no trouble scooting along Harbor Boulevard to take in the views offered by the Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club.

The knee walker instantly transformed Phil from invalid to normal person. Although he continued to be penuriously (it’s a lifestyle), he was happy that I spared no expense in acquiring this device (which, truth be known, was reasonably priced).

He felt so strongly about how it improved the quality of his life during this period, that once he was out of his cast, he contributed the knee walker to his doctor, who passed it on to someone in need. He has also pontificated about the joys of a knee walker to people in leg casts ever since.

Note that the day after his cast was removed, Phil resumed adult kick scooting with a trip to the Walkway Over the Hudson. Read about here: Kick Scooting on the Walkway Over the Hudson.

This was a guest post from Karen Little. Karen Little is a professional writer who specializes in creating technical articles and training manuals. She is also an adult kick scooter enthusiast who shares her passions on along with many contributors. Karen and her husband, Philip, live in Weehawken, NJ, and enjoy area Hudson River Parks on a daily basis.

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