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The Top 10 Worst Things About Crutches

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

If you’re on crutches right now, it’s safe to say that you don’t really need an article to tell you about the top 10 worst things about crutches – in fact, you’re living it every day.

But an essential part of recovering from your foot or ankle injury is your ability to commiserate with others. After all, misery loves company – and if you’re currently sidelined by your foot or ankle injury, you probably have plenty of things you’d like to get off your chest.

Let us help you get started with our version of the top 10 worst things about crutches.

  1. Not being able to use stairs. In fact, you had no idea there were so many staircases in the world until you landed in crutches. We do have a fix for that with the iWalk 2.0.

  2. No swimming. Sometimes you wished you hurt your foot in the winter…but then again, you’d have to contend with another foe to crutches: ice.

  3. Giving up on physical hobbies. Good-bye, recreational dodge ball league…hello daytime TV and your couch.

  4. Dealing with opening doors. On the plus side, you’ve come to realize that there are a ton of nice people out there in the world.

  5. Dealing with public transportation. You’ve now considered yourself an avid supporter of giving up seats to the disabled, thanks to your stint on crutches.

  6. Not being able to grab things on the top shelves of your kitchen cabinet. Like those nacho cheese chips that are calling to you even as you read this list.

  7. Struggling to pick up your kids. Of course, this doesn’t apply if your kids are in their teens and twenties. Hopefully.

  8. Leading with confidence. You may feel like your work team can only see your crutches, not your kick-butt presentation on last quarter’s sales. Don’t worry: your teammates can only notice how much you rock.

  9. Going on vacation with crutches. From getting on the plane to walking around the theme park with your family, you sometimes feel like you want to throw your crutches straight out the emergency exit window.

  10. Dealing with the super-strength you develop from walking around on crutches. It’s pretty difficult to deal with people’s jealousy – but we have a feeling you’ll manage.

Luckily, this list of the top ten reasons why owning crutches is awful has a happy ending. You don’t have to deal with the pain and annoyance of fumbling around with your crutches. A knee walker can provide you with all the support you need if you’re recovering from foot, ankle, and knee injuries. Trust us: you’ll laugh at the thought of using crutches after you try it out.

Share your own top 10 list – or just share stories about how you’ve dealt with the curse of crutches!

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