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Top Five Spins on Your Broken Ankle

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

You have a broken ankle.

Even just reading the words might be enough to want you to throw your blanket over your head and sleep away the next twelve weeks. You feel like you’re totally limited in terms of what you can do. Forget training for that half-marathon. Forget taking a beach vacation anytime soon. In fact, even driving is an impossible mission while you’re recovering…

So how can you possibly be positive about your broken ankle?

As it turns out, your broken ankle can be an opportunity in disguise – but only if you look at it that way. If you need a little inspiration, here are the top five spins on your broken ankle:

  1. Let’s face it: you’ve had dreams of writing the next Great American Novel, starting your own blog, or building a website. But for some reason, life always seemed to get in the way. Well, guess what? Your recovery time is the perfect opportunity to sit down and re-assess major goals in your life. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, grab your laptop and get typing. If you have a fantastic idea for a website, start building. A busy lifestyle can make it difficult to make time for our goals – but a broken ankle forces you to sit back and get back in touch with what you REALLY want to do.

  2. A broken ankle forces you to take care of your body with healthy diet and exercise. Because it takes so long to recover, you may discover that your broken ankle is really an opportunity to start living a healthy lifestyle. Who knows – you may even discover that you’ll lose those last ten pounds or develop some impressive leg muscles from your physical therapy!

  3. As previously mentioned, a broken ankle forces you to slow down. So take advantage of your downtime by reconnecting with old friends and distant family members. Send an email to grandma, connect with old high school buddies, and shoot an email to your friend in Paris.

  4. Your broken ankle gives you the opportunity to really connect with your family members again. When your kids or spouse is sitting next to you, take the time to talk with them about their day. After all, it’s hard to connect when you’re always running around the house trying to get things done.

  5. There’s an old saying that says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and you can bet that recovering from a broken ankle will make you a stronger and more resilient person!

So stop feeling sick and tired of your broken ankle – and start feeling inspired!

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