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What Is It Like to Be On A Broken Ankle Knee Scooter?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Dealing with the broken ankle was bad enough – but now your doctor is trying to convince you to master some sort of mobility device known as a knee scooter.  Fat chance, right?  But before you write off your doctor for attempting to turn you into a half-person, half-machine hybrid, take a moment to really get to know the broken ankle knee scooter…

Compare All Broken Ankle Knee Scooters

Because it just might change the way you approach your broken ankle recovery forever (or, well, the next three to six months).

Broken Ankle Knee Scooters Are More Convenient:

Forget hobbling around on crutches – a broken ankle knee scooter will make walking feel more like gliding…because you actually are.  You see, the knee scooter is a mobility device that completely takes all weight off of your broken ankle.  By balancing your knee on the seat cushion and using your good leg to propel yourself forward, you can keep any ounce of weight away from your tender ankle (just try getting that kind of promise from crutches!)

Take a look at the picture to get a comprehensive idea of how the broken ankle knee scooter works:

Broken Leg Knee Scooters Are Sturdier: 

When your broken ankle is just an accidental stumble away from another six months of recovery, you want to make sure you’re using a mobility device that’s 110% sturdy and well-balanced.  Enter the knee scooter: this clever contraption is balanced out by four large wheels that can handle uneven surfaces, like floors with insidious rugs and evil walkways with mini-hills.

Broken Ankle Knee Scooters Are Sexier:

You scoffed at this, didn’t you? (Gotcha!)  Sure, you may be doubtful that the word “sexy” could ever be attached to anything described as a “mobility device.”  But trust us – it’s a lot easier to strike up a conversation with your office crush when you’re cruising on a broken ankle knee scooter, not pitifully hobbling on a pair of ancient-looking crutches.

Compare All Broken Ankle Knee Scooters

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