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What To Look For In A Foot Surgery Scooter

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Style. Comfort. Elegance.

Did we mention that these characteristics are what you should look for in a foot surgery scooter?

Like with picking out a new car, selecting a foot surgery scooter represents an opportunity to demonstrate your unique personality. After all, when you’re recovering from foot and ankle surgery, you’ll be on your scooter for a considerable number of weeks…

And the last thing you want is to look like you picked up your foot surgery scooter at the nearest old folks’ home!

Whether you prize a sleek and elegant look or you want to make heads turn when you roll down the sidewalk, here’s what you should look for in a foot surgery scooter:

1. Foot Scooter Comfort:

Let’s face it – you’re already uncomfortable enough as it is with a massive cast strapped to your ankle. The last thing you want is for your foot surgery scooter to make you long for the days of rock-hard desk chairs in high school. Therefore, make sure that the seat of the foot surgery scooter is plush, comfortable, and stable enough to support your weight.

2. Foot Scooter Convenience:

Foot surgery scooters should be comfortable, but they should also make it easier for you to live your life. Look for a foot surgery scooter that has a basket attached to the front. This allows you to carry around your computer, bags, purses, and anything else you’d otherwise carry in your hands or in your arms.

3. Foot Scooter Style:

Just because it’s a foot surgery scooter doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to rock! Luckily, the new generation of foot surgery scooters is sleek, elegant, and come in a variety of styles. You can head to to take a look at a wide variety of seriously stylish knee walkers, complete with a wide variety of accessories designed to make your surgery recovery time even easier.

When it comes to a foot surgery scooter, don’t settle for something medicinal and uncomfortable. Get the foot surgery scooter that you’d be proud to rock out on the sidewalks!

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