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Ankle Fusion Recovery Preparation Checklist

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

When it comes to ankle fusion recovery, you want to ensure that you’re properly prepared. While the idea of laying on the couch and watching endless amounts of television might seem like the ideal situation, the truth is that you’ll need to prepare your house and your office for your limited mobility.

After all, it might be a blast to hang around and watch TV, but it won’t be so much fun when you can barely crawl into bed or reach your food on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet!

With this in mind, we here at Knee Walker Central have outlined the exact steps you need to take to prepare yourself for ankle fusion recovery. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and discover what you need to know about preparing for life after your ankle fusion:

  1. Move all of the loose carpets and rugs around the house. Since you’ll have limited mobility, you don’t want to run the risk of accidentally tripping on the carpet.

  2.  Since you’ll be limited in how much you can move, you may want to consider preparing a batch of food that can get you through the first few days of your ankle fusion recovery. This way, you won’t have to make those annoying trips to the grocery store or fumble around your kitchen just to make dinner. Microwavable meals are a great option here.

  3. Get yourself a knee walker! A knee walker – or a knee scooter – can make it much easier for you to get around the house or your office. Your insurance may even cover the purchase of the mobility device. Get in contact with your insurance company before the ankle fusion procedure to see what you need to do to get coverage.

  4. Let your family members and friends know that you won’t be able to move around as much after your ankle fusion. By asking your family for help after your procedure, you can help determine how to handle normal household activities. Additionally, letting your boss know that your mobility will be limited can help him or her determine your workload for the next few weeks.

Use this preparation checklist to make sure that your ankle fusion recovery goes smoothly!

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