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Non Weight Bearing Workouts You Can Perform During Your Recovery Period

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

When your foot is locked up within the ironclad grip of a cast, you might feel like there’s no chance of getting the exercise you need. Gone are the days when you could walk around whenever you pleased. Gone are the days when you could hop in your car, drive to the gym, and log in a six-mile run on the treadmill (or six minutes…but honestly, who’s counting?). And even the days when you could walk around the mall and shop to your heart’s content are temporarily gone (hey, shopping counts as cardio).

While it’s important for you to get plenty of rest and relaxation during your recovery period, it’s also just as important for you to get your fair share of exercise. But this might seem impossible, especially when you’re lugging around a massive cast.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of non weight bearing workouts you can perform during your recovery period. You’ll just need to get a little creative to do them!

Take a Walk with Your Knee Scooter

A knee scooter, or a knee walker, is a unique mobility device that’s designed to help you move around without the awkwardness or embarrassment of crutches (not to mention the chances of bumping or hurting your injured foot). A knee walker looks like a special bike where you rest your injured leg on the special pad; the other leg is used to propel yourself forward. It represents a fantastic way to get the exercise you need, as you’ll be able to move around, open doors, and engage in activities that may have been previously off-limits with your crutches.

Check out our knee scooters at Knee Walker Central, and you’ll discover why more people are turning to us when they need high-quality mobility devices!

Focus on Your Upper Body

You don’t always have to work out your legs in order to get exercise; in fact, some of the best non weight bearing workouts you can perform during your recovery period involve arm workouts.

If you’re consigned to your bed or couch, considering investing in a pair of light handheld dumbbells. These will allow you to perform bicep curls, tricep extensions, and other fantastic non weight bearing workouts that can increase your heart rate without putting pressure on your foot or ankle.

Get the Blood Pumping

If you’re intent on working out your legs, you can perform a myriad of activities without actually placing any weight on your feet. Simply sit on your couch or bed, lift up the injured leg, and rotate it in small circles. This simple activity can get the blood pumping and help you get the cardio you need to stay healthy. You may also just want to elevate each leg for about thirty seconds, then switch and elevate the other. Remember, the key here is to get in a good workout, not train to become an Olympic athlete.

That can come after your recovery period is over!

As you can see, there are plenty of non weight bearing workouts you can perform during your recovery period. By engaging in these tips, you’ll be able to get the exercise you need without placing any additional strain on your recovering foot or ankle.

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