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Non-Weight Bearing Diet Tips That Really Work!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Most dieters encounter plenty of obstacles along the path to a slim and healthy body. Cupcakes. Family parties. Holiday food. It’s enough to test the willpower of even the strongest dieter – and recovering from foot or ankle surgery certainly doesn’t help matters.

When you’re recovering from foot or ankle surgery, it may feel like your whole routine is thrown off. Suddenly, you’re unable to work out as much as you used to, as your foot can’t handle the stress of running, jogging, or riding a bike. Add to the fact that you’re often sitting or lying down during foot surgery recovery, and it’s no wonder you’re looking for non-weight bearing diet tips that really work.

Whether you’re looking to stick to a healthy diet or just want to learn about the foods that can optimize your healing, here are a few tried-and-true non-weight bearing diet tips:

Unlock the Powers of Superfoods

You’ve heard about certain foods that can boost your immune system, improve your cognitive function, and help reduce your chances of developing disease. Now it turns out that there are certain foods out there that can speed up your foot and ankle recovery – and best of all, they’re absolutely delicious.

Studies have suggested that foods high in Vitamin C, zinc, and protein are crucial for speeding up foot and ankle recovery. You can get your daily amount of these crucial nutrients by taking a daily supplement, or by piling the following foods onto your plate:

  • Protein: Dairy (drinking three glasses of milk per day can also increase your calcium intake, another important nutrient to healing), nuts, seeds, and lean meats.

  • Zinc: Beef (this can also fulfill your protein requirements, especially if the beef is stripped of its fat), liver, sunflower seeds, milk, eggs, and peanut butter.

  • Vitamin C: Fruits like oranges, strawberries, and tangerines can supply you with this crucial vitamin. You can also get your vitamin C fix from red peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, and potatoes.

These foods are both delicious and essential for your foot and ankle surgery recovery, so be sure to stock up before your procedure. You may even want to prepare meals that incorporate these nutrients ahead of time so you don’t have to risk accidentally putting weight on your injured foot while cooking.

Drink Tons of Water

You’ve heard it before, and you’re about to hear it again: drinking tons of water is not only crucial for your recovery, but it’s also essential for staying healthy when your injury has put you on the sidelines. If you have a tough time drinking water, consider getting a flavor enhancer or drinking light fruit juice. The latter can help you stay hydrated as well as help you get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

Invest In Meal Shakes

If you need a quick and healthy meal but you need to keep your weight off your injured foot, consider investing in healthy meal shakes like Ensure. You can keep these within reach, which means you won’t have to place weight on your injury. Additionally, these shakes can help you get dozens of vital nutrients you need to speed up your recovery period.

Achieving a healthy figure doesn’t have to be impossible now that you’re sidetracked by a foot or ankle injury. By using these non-weight bearing diet tips, you can stay on the right track, as well as provide your body with the nutrients it needs to heal quickly and safely.

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