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Your Ultimate Non-Weight Bearing Nutrition Checklist

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Whether you’re about to endure an ankle fusion or you’re going to have surgery to repair a persistent foot problem, you want to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your recovery time. You’ve made sure that you’ve rolled up any loose carpets in the house. You’ve let your family members and friends know that your mobility will be limited for some time. You’ve even order a bunch of DVDs and TV shows that you can watch while you’re recovering…

So you’ve covered all your bases, correct?

Not exactly. You see, when you’re recovering from a foot or ankle surgery, your body needs more than physical therapy – it also needs nutrition to help your bones and ligaments heal faster. By following a non-weight bearing nutrition diet, you can ensure that you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

So what foods should you stockpile in your fridge? Take a look!

Get loads of fiber in your diet. Constipation is a common experience after any surgery that requires anesthesia, so you’ll want to get as much fiber to ensure that things are, er, running smoothly. Get your hands on fruits and whole grain breads. Can’t stand fruit? Even your favorite breakfast cereal may supply you with the fiber you need.

Get as much calcium into your diet as possible. Calcium is critical to your bone health, which is exactly what you need after a foot or ankle surgery. Drink three glasses of milk a day or take a calcium supplement. You can even request that your partner make your favorite cheesy, gooey dish (hey, calories don’t count when you’re recovering!).

Avoid processed foods like chips and cookies. They may taste delicious, but they’re not exactly stocked with the nutrition you need to recover from a foot or ankle surgery.

Now that you have this non-weight bearing nutrition checklist in hand, head out to your local grocery store and stock up on tons of healthy foods. After all, the last thing you’ll want to do after your surgery is battle through a crowded grocery store and lug those heavy bags into your home!

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